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Event information:

Date: 9th March 2024
Place: Swimming stadium PS Podolí, Podolská 43/74, 147 00 Praha 4 - Podolí (Prague, Czech Republic)

Expected time schedule:
9:30 – 10:00    Teams registration
9:30                 Lockers opening for team members
10:05               Captains meeting
10:30               Race opening ceremony "Awakening of the Dragon" and introductory speech
10:45               Start of races
10:45 – 12:45  Races of Basic qualification groups
13:00 – 15:30  Semifinal and final races
15:30 – 15:45  Winner ceremony
16:00               Closing of pool for participants

Race principle: 
The dragon boat will be occupied with 8 paddlers from each team. That means that in the boat are 16 paddlers together. The boat is then pulled by the organizator in the middle of the pool. Here the race is started with international orders: „Are you ready! Attention! Go!“ Finishlines are marked on swimmingpool with ropes and controlled by Line referees. When the boat reaches the finishline(rope) the referee raises a flag and the race ends. In case of sinking the boat the race is repeated.

Complete race rules are available in "Indoor dragon boat cup rules and regulations document".

Race categories:
MIX – 8 paddlers (min. 2 women)
   WOMEN - Women crew – 8 women paddlers

Teams starting in MIX category will be arranged in basic qualification groups and will race agains each other within the qualification group. Based on their results from Qualifiation they will be then places in individual racing cups.

Racing cups*:

In each cup we race for the winner. Teams on first three places will be decorated and awarded with a trophy and prize. Teams racing in all cups are also participating in the races for the "Indoor dragon boat cup Championchip" in MIX and WOMEN category. To become the Champion the team must get the best result (highest number of points) in series of Indoor dragon boat races.

We appologize, but the "Indoor dragon boat cup Championship" is only for teams originating in Czech republic. In the case the winner with highest point in Championship will be a team from abroad this team will recieve a special prize "Absolute winner of Championship" to memorate the archievement.

*Organizator keeps the right to change the cup number, combine or cancel the cups in case of unsufficient number of participating teams.

Team members number: maximum 10 team mebers. Note: A person can be member of more then one team. But it must be registered as member of both teams.

Practical information:
Parking: Public parking place in front of the swimming pool. street parking close to the swimming pool
Paddles: It is possible to use own paddles and sitting pads. Organizer provides aluminium-plastic paddles
Visitors: Special tribune for visitor with view to swiming pool and paddlers.

Start fee: 
Basic:  7 000,- CZK incl. VAT (approx. 290 EUR) for payment to 27th January (day of race in Brno), then 8 000,- CZK incl. VAT (approx. 330 EUR).
- basic starting fee including team registration and 10 entry cards for team

Sponsored fee: 15.000,- CZK incl VAT (approx. 615 EUR)
- extended fee including team registration and 10 entry cards for team and possibility pro present the team - we offer the possibility to place advertisement on event social media, printed materials and to place physical advertisement (stands, flags, posters) in the swimming pool area.

Note: Do not pay the starting fee before you get contacted by our Signup manager!!!

Signups are realized through an online Signup form HEREhttp://praguedragons.funguje.cz/en/contact/prihlaska


Please contact us in case of additional requests, problems or simply when you will be in the need of talking to us :-)

Important note:

The organizer keeps the right to change the number of racing categoires, number of cups and to cancel the race completely in case on not enough teams. The paid starting fee is returned in case of race cancellation.